Here is some major initiatives currently being carried out in which LIRIDE is involved:

LCA² Initiative


The LCA² initiative is a collaboration between the NRC and other federal government departments, academia, non-government organizations, industry partners, and low-carbon asset experts from across Canada. Its goal is to develop a science-based approach to support the selection of materials and designs that offer the lowest carbon footprint while offering the lowest total cost of ownership, for buildings and other civil infrastructure.

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The Green Surface Engineering for Advanced Manufacturing (Green-SEAM) is a strategic network to facilitate collaborative research by leading Canadian researchers and their industry and government partners in surface engineering solutions.

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The Industrialized Construction Initiative is a research initiative whose mission is to promote the use of industrialized construction in the building sector. Its more specific objective is to support the use of industrialized construction in multi-storey buildings. It aims to promote accessibility to markets within a 1000 km radius by demonstrating the performance of this method of construction, including its energy and environmental performance.

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